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Guangdong TOPAZ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, whose goal is to become an “altruistic” enterprise. To meet the needs of customers and assist customers’ development is the foundation of the enterprise business philosophy.

Upholding the concept of "altruism", TOPAZ moves forward steadily and firmly over the years. We are now a high-tech company specializing in MLCC, mini type, long life, high frequency and low resistance type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, with R & D, manufacturing and sales integrated. Our products are widely used in the fields of small home appliance, computer peripheral, LED lighting, automotive electronics and so on, and serve for some leading enterprises in these fields.

Over the past decade, TOPAZ insists on the development and production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and makes all efforts to build self-owned professional brands. With the increasing demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the global market, we introduced full sets of automated production and testing equipment to constantly enlarge production scale.  TOPAZ currently achieves a capacity of 60 million aluminum electrolytic capacitors per month, becoming one of China's largest enterprises in miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing. Meanwhile, we implement strict production management in accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system to improve product quality.

We exchange experience and keep in close touch with Japan, Korea, and Taiwan technicians of the same industry. Thus, our capacitors are in the leading position of domestic technology in high temperature, high pressure, high ripple current, and high frequency, and even reach the highest level of  foreign counterparts.

Thanks to those who care about and support us. With your love, TOPAZ overcomes one difficulty after another.  We will go all out to make our products of “Made in China” famous all over the world.



Enthusiasm - Sever all our customers enthusiastically
Initiative - Initiative to solve problems for customers
Friendship - Treat customers as friends, reapect them, and contribute to their growth
Service - Increase the service consciousness constantly

TOPAZ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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